Saturday, August 13, 2022

As president of Bucks County retired my goals are  four fold:


1.  to create a dynamic organization with greater involvement of members.


    This involvement is meant to be both social and political. On the social side, I would like to see more opportunities to get together and perhaps schedule trips to plays, museums, and even cruises.

  To effect the following three goals we need a strong voting block and lobbyists who will influence our legislators  to represent our needs and concerns.  To this end, we must become more involved in contacting our representatives via our ACE teams and to  contribute to PACE. Money is needed to support pro educator minded candidate's campaigns.


2.  to work to close the disparity of retirement benefits between pre and post 2.5 members.

     In Bucks and Montgomery Counties there are 666 retired members who are  75 years old or older. A formula must be devised and enacted to equalize the  ealyier annuitants pensions with those who are receiving the 2.5 multiplier. 


3.  to work towards a permanent COLA


4.  to insure retirees participation in a state wide health care mandate.


Dixie Lee Rhodes